Isometric Studio


Isometric Projections — Artist Installation Series

Every few months, we open our Williamsburg studio space to the vision of emerging artist, designer, or group. They install their artwork in our studio space, and we host an artist talk, which becomes an opportunity for discourse around their work. Our goal is to encourage artists whose work makes visible the stories of marginalized people, fostering community around values of inclusion, equality, and progress.

Projection #2 — Luke Cheng and Yun Liao

Projection #2 — Luke Cheng and Yun Liao

Messages: 2011–2017
(all these years of texting and we haven't gotten any closer)

The entirety of the two artists’ shared Facebook chat history is presented through a multi-volume set of books along with an installation of its textual and photographic contents.

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Projection # 1 — Nathalie Jolivert

Projection # 1 — Nathalie Jolivert


A curated set of illustrations and paintings invite the audience to pause and question how their own daily practices might impact social and natural environments.